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The Point are always looking for Volunteers

If you can help please contact us

Volunteers who come to the point take part in all the Member’s trips and activities. So if you would like to visit the theatre, go swimming or help in house activities while giving support to our Members and Staff please come along.

If you can think of an activity that our Members might enjoy all suggestions would be considered.

Why not contact us to arrange a visit?

Scope West Sussex is a resource unit for people from 18 to 50 years of age. As people have understood the possibility of independence, we have moved away from the traditional activities of day care and turned to leisure and the opportunities it presents for social interaction with other members at The Point and out in the general community.

Leisure forms a vital part of all our lives, we all need to enjoy ourselves and have a little fun. Sadly, many adults with physical disabilities have unnecessarily limited lives, often because the people involved do not know where to turn for support or ideas. Disabled people have generally not been offered the same choice as the able-bodied. The Social Service Inspectorate found that people with physical and sensory disabilities seldom enjoyed the same opportunities as others.

So Why Leisure?

Participation in leisure activities can raise the self-esteem of people who may have had few successes. It can help people take pride in their achievements when the rest of their lives may be dull and unrewarding.

Leisure is also an ideal way of developing warm and positive relationships with other people and extending networks of friends and acquaintances. When people enjoy themselves together in a relaxed environment, friendships can flourish.

Many people with physical disabilities receive little or no encouragement to feel good about themselves. They may wrongly believe that being disabled is a failure and it's their fault and have feelings of worthlessness. They may be aware that other people have low expectations of them. People with visual and physical disabilities may become anxious and be reluctant to try anything new. They may have several reasons for 'opting out' or avoiding an activity. Alternatively parents and carers may have been overly protective and concerned about making their child’s world safer - so that as adults they may have missed out on activities they might have enjoyed but were not given the choice.

So at The Point, Scope West Sussex we think it is vital to involve people in many activities which will lead to each individual gaining the confidence to reach for the level of independence which is right for them.

Some of our Volunteer members at Chichester Car Boot on a Sunday

They kindly donate their time to help support their centre. Please ask for more details if you are interested in helping


If you would like to help support us please contact us for more information and advice!

Community Foundation


Scope West sususex and Sussex Community Foundation.

We have received a grant from the Sussex Community Foundation of £1000 towards the purchase of a ramp for one of our buses – we are going to use it for the ramp on the new bus which is due to arrive any time soon. The ramps will be replaced over time and the new design, being wider than the old, will make getting aboard easier for our members...


Chichester Sainsburys

Sainsburys and Scope West Sussex complete

Charity of the year 2013-2014

Chichester Sainsburys present The Point with a cheque for £2165.62 for being last years charity of the year for the Chichester branch of Sainsbury..


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